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For a tough, durable bed liner, you can’t beat ours for the strength and resilience. Whether your truck is NEW or USED - we have the perfect solution.

Our liners are known for the life they add to the bed of your truck. Cedar Park Bedliners wants to breathe new life back into your truck. Do you have an old faded out and worn bedliner? Throw on a coat of VORTEX™ to raise the muscle and durability of your bedliner to the protection level of our superiour spray-on bedliner.

LAB TESTED, REAL-WORLD APPROVED, our Spray-On Bedliner's and coatings are tested for strength and protection both in the laboratory and in harsh, real-world conditions to ensure the highest levels of durability. With a higher tensile strength than the “softer" spray-on's from our competition, VORTEX™ provides unmatched protection against gouges, rips and tears.

Our bed liners are:

  • Reliable- Our bed liners are backed by our lifetime warranty
  • Color Fast- Bed Liner colors last through the years, offering more protection from the weather and more protection from wear and tear than the competitors
  • Resistant- Our bed liners can resist the toughest punishment you demand from your truck bed.

Each VORTEX™ Spray-On Bedliner receives a multi-point quality check inspection before and after the application. VORTEX™ is applied to a truck bed after an extensive prep process in which the tailgate, bed bolts and tie downs are removed. VORTEX professional applicators take time to examine the quality of their work and measure the thickness of every bedliner.VORTEX™ bedliners are measured to a thickness of 125 mils – the ideal thickness for optimum utility in a truck bed.

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Our Promise To You

  • Satisfactioin Guaranteed

    Our warranty and guarantee of quality.

    We offer you the finest products and services...we GUARANTEE it. The Vortex™ Bedliner has a Lifetime Warranty!

    However, please note that damages to the bedliner due to abuse, collision damage, or other damage not related to the material or installation of the bedliner may not be covered.

    WE PROVIDE AFTER THE SALE SUPPORT FOR OUR WORK. Call us for more details, or come by and visit in person.

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